Instructions for the author

Here are the guidelines for writing to the Sustainability blog. Please note, that the editorial board will review the text before publishing and might ask you to modify your text before approval. Main publication type of the blog is E1, follow the instructions to qualify.


Length of the text: max 3000 letters (incl. spaces, excl.bibliographic references & author description)
Titles: add main title and 1-3 subtitles
Images: add 1-3 images (1280 x 640 pixels), which you have the permission to use
Captions: describe how the image is related to the text, add the name of the photographer
Citation: In academic articles references are an essential part of the text. Please use the Harvard system of referencing.
Author description: add the author’s name and 1-2 sentences about how the person is related to the text
Send the text by email

More information and guidelines for writing in Lahti UAS publications series (useful also when writing to LAB the edited blogs) can be found from Guide to Publishing.