The power of customer satisfaction at hotel

Customers frequently switch providers due to dissatisfaction with some aspect of the service they have received. According to Singh (2023), businesses that consistently deliver excellent service cultivate loyal customers. Loyalty ensures that relationships remain cordial and increases the likelihood of holding on to customers over time.

Since hotel businesses can’t compete effectively without meeting their customers’ expectations, customer satisfaction is one of the most crucial factors. Succeeding in customer satisfaction means that customers’ overall satisfaction with the service is fulfilled (Singh 2023; Hossein et al 2018). If hotels are looking to improve and develop their businesses, an understanding of creating higher customer value is needed (Hossein et al. 2018).

Case study of Newton Park Hotel

In the bustling capital city of Abuja, Nigeria, amidst the dynamic landscape of the hospitality industry. Newton Park Hotel brand is a prominent four-star establishment. Serving 196 rooms and a distinguished array of amenities, the hotel has rapidly ascended its ranks in Nigeria’s competitive hospitality sector.

To create a deeper understanding of the level of customer satisfaction with lodging services, customer satisfaction research was conducted at Newton Park Hotel. The primary data was collected through a customer survey and a staff interview. The survey included 104 customer responses. The interview material was collected from the top manager of the hotel. The five dimensions of service quality were used to determine the satisfaction level of Newton Park customers. (Okafor 2024.)

Factors influencing customer satisfaction

The study also sheds light on factors, that can either bolster or hinder customer satisfaction. While timely service, knowledgeable staff, and well-maintained facilities enhance customers’ experiences, communication gaps, service delays, and poor internet connectivity can detract from overall satisfaction. (Okafor 2024.)

The customer survey revealed overwhelmingly positive results. Satisfaction scores were notably high on all dimensions of service quality. Central to Newton Park Hotel’s success is the pivotal role played by its employees. As highlighted by Spencer et al. (2004) and reinforced by insights from the hotel’s front office manager, employee training, active supervision, and customer feedback systems are instrumental in delivering superior service quality. (Luo & Homburg 2007, 136).

Image 1. Customer satisfaction is highly linked to facilities and amenities, but the main factor lies in interaction between people. (Pexels 2014)

Redefining success in the hospitality

Contrary to conventional wisdom, the authors suggested that profitability should not be the sole objective of a business. Prioritizing customer satisfaction lays the foundation for sustainable growth and profitability. In essence, Newton Park Hotel exemplifies how an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction can elevate a business to new heights of success in the competitive hospitality business.


Obinna Okafor is a graduating student of Tourism and Hospitality Management at LAB University of Applied Sciences.

Taina Orpana works as a Senior Lecturer at LAB University of Applied Sciences and is interested in a customer-centric approach.


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