Finnish companies need a change of perspective in Africa

Africa is a continent of the future with rapidly growing economies and populations. International business has always been an important channel for countries to relate to each other, worldwide, as business owners are continuously looking for new business opportunities abroad. As Africa’s political and economic weight increases, it is becoming more interesting globally regarding business opportunities. Although Finland has published its Africa strategy in 2021 (Link 1), which aims for stronger political and economic partnership, Finnish companies have a long way to go when it comes to internationalising their businesses on the African continent.

It is quite common to be faced with challenges when starting any new business relationship, even more so when doing international business, as this involves cross-cultural elements. Nigeria and Finland do not share the same culture and the business relationship between Finland and Nigeria has been cautious, especially from the side of Finnish companies. However, there is significant business potential for Finnish companies in Nigeria. Potential solutions to help break down some barriers between Finland and Nigeria were explored in a qualitative study carried out on nine Finnish business owners / companies that have experience of conducting business in Nigeria (Ajao 2021).

[Alt text: In screenshot there are headlines like Market opportunity - Business opportunities for Finnish companies in the educational sector.]
Image 1. Screenshot of some business opportunities. (Business Finland 2021)

Recommendations to Finnish companies wishing to conduct business in Nigeria

Finnish companies should acquire knowhow of Nigerian culture before embarking on business transactions in Nigeria.

The recommendations (Ajao 2021) include following advice:

Additionally, engaging Nigerians living in Finland in the process can be recommended, especially the ones with a background of international business studies; they can act as intermediaries between Finnish and Nigerian companies interested in doing business in Nigeria.

Potential business opportunities in Nigeria

The need to enhance cross border co-operation and business activities between the African continent and Finland has been recognised (see e.g. Impiö et al. 2020). The importance of understanding culture and cultural differences is the key steppingstone in commencing cross-cultural business activities, an issue which should be taken into consideration by the management of companies when choosing boards or executive members, to better prepare organisations enter new markets.


Peter Ajao graduated from LAB University of Applied Sciences, Master’s Degree Programme in International Business Development.
Taina Vuorela works as Principal Lecturer at Laurea University of Applied Sciences.
Kristiina Brusila-Meltovaara works as Principal Lecturer at LAB University of Applied Sciences.


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