Involving Students in Project Video Making

Students at LAB University of Applied Sciences have the possibility to cooperate with research and development projects. This provides them with insights into project tasks and everyday management. Furthermore, it enables them to apply knowledge gained during their studies in practice.

This was the case for one of the LAB ICT-engineering students specializing in media technologies to participate in the video-making of two LAB projects. The first video was related to the New value chains of utilizing ash in earth construction (Arvo-Tuhka) project. The unpublished video showcases road building using ash as the main ingredient. Link to New value chains of utilizing ash in earth construction -project.

After the first successful video, another similar video-making proposal appeared. The inquire was received from Policies for Renewable Energy Sources in industry (RESINDUSTRY),  an international project funded by Interreg Europe, where LAB is one of the seven partners. The project aims to increase the use of renewables in industrial applications (Video 1). The video outlines the project’s aims and goals as well as its contribution to the Climate Action Roadmap of the Päijät-Häme region. Link to RESINDUSTRY-project.   

Video 1. RESINDUSTRY & Päijät-Häme Climate Action Roadmap. (Medkova & Lähteenaro 2021)

Differences between Arvo-Tuhka and RESINDUSTRY projects

The work on the Arvo-Tuhka video included the most traditional editing style of pre-recorded videos and related photos taken by the project. On the other hand, the RESINDUSTRY video was a slide show style video with attractive animated visuals, paid stock video clips, and narration as support. 

In the Arvo-Tuhka video, the student was responsible for editing the videos and photos, which were provided by the project’s representatives. In editors’ opinion, editing is about refining the story told by the recorded videos and photos. This requires a keen eye for details. According to the student responsible for the video-making, the video was a success.

The RESINDUSTRY video was very different from the previous one. In this case, no pre-recorded real-life footage was available, making it more challenging. Based on the written manuscript provided by the RESINDUSTRY Project and Communication Manager, the student had to create the visual effects. Hence, this was a completely new and challenging video editing style. Luckily, the RESINDUSTRY team together with the in-house Graphic Designer were very supportive and ideas were discussed and brainstormed together regularly. Based on the feedback received, the video was very successful, and it has gained over 240 views since its release in March 2021.

a picture of the working table of video editing, which includes two displays, keyboard, mouse, headphones, computer, and audiogear.
Picture 1. Video in progress. (Picture: Valtteri Koikkalainen)

Lessons learned

Video editing or production can be challenging. Manuascript is a valuable and useful tool that guides the edittor in the process. However, it is essential to regularly discuss ideas, reassure the tasks and listen to the comments and requirements from the client. One could always seek support from fellow team members.

Overall, such a valuable experience and opportunity is highly recommend to any student. One can learn many new professional tricks and ways of working with various clients. Moreover, this is a good reference for the student’s CV and may help when applying for a future professional job.


Valtteri Koikkalainen who is an ICT engineering student at LAB University of Applied Sciences and was hired for Arvo-Tuhka and RESINDUSTRY projects video-making.

Katerina Medkova who works as an RDI specialist at LAB University of Applied Sciences and is the RESINDUSTRY Project & Communication Manager. LAB is one of the RESINDUSTRY project partners.


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