Tampere Game Hub Supporting the Games Ecosystem

The number of Finnish game studios has been declining for few years. According to Neogames (2021, 16) one reason behind this is the cuts in regional support towards new, early stage startups. Neogames is the representative of the Finnish game industry in different international associations and it can be called the umbrella organization of the Finnish game industry. The aim of this non-profit association is to support the development and growth of the Finnish game industry and to bring together different actors in the field to achieve this. Part of their duties is to gather and upkeep data about the Finnish game industry, and they have comprehensive an outlook on the industry’s development and trends trough out the years. (Neogames Finland Association 2021.)

Local support: case Tampere

Local support is crucial to the early stage startups in any industry. In the game industry networks and connections are extremely important and active local hubs of game developers can have huge meaning. Tampere is one of the central locations in the Finnish game industry, the area has most companies with turnover over one million after the main hub, the Capital Region. (Neogames 2021, 16; 22.)

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Image 1. Tampere Game Hub ry banner. (Tampere Game Hub ry 2022)

Tampere has strong support towards game companies. The Tampere Game Hub ry is supported by Ahlman, the city of Tampere and Microsoft Suomi and it has gathered many of the supportive organizations and start-up ecosystems together to help the Pirkanmaa region game industry. Organization runs game incubator programs, offers mentoring and advise game companies publishing deals, fundraising, pitching and networking. (Tampere Game Hub ry 2021.)

According to Tampere Game Hub ry (2022), there are currently 42 game studios in Tampere and 9 organizations supporting them and growth of new-ones. The Tampere Game Hub ry itself aims to unify Tampere game scene by building community, bringing new jobs, talent, and game studios to the region. Joining to the game hub is free of charge for the companies. (Tampere Game Hub ry 2021.)

Baltic Explorers supporting Baltic Sea region

Baltic Explorers, the game industry program, aims to boost Central Baltic gaming industry. The project is led by actors from four different countries Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia. It offers specially designed programs for all gaming companies, no matter what level of development they are at the moment, in all of those countries at the same time.

Baltic Explorers work closely with regional actors and the local hubs. The aim is the same, just with different scope, Baltic Explorers aim to help game companies to reach the global markets, especially in Asia and USA. Cooperation at both local and global scale is the key to success.


Ria Gynther works as an RDI specialist at the LAB University of Applied Sciences, more specifically in the Baltic Explorers game industry project. She is also the vice chair of IGDA Finland.

Katri Putkonen works as a project expert in the Baltic Explorers game industry project at the LAB University of Applied Sciences. She is also board member of IGDA Finland Lahti Hub.


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