International BIM-standards introduced to staff

A two-part staff training on international BIM-standards was organised for the teaching and RDI staff of LAB by the BIM-ICE project in Spring. The BIM-ICE project (BIM-Integration in Higher and Continuing Education), co-funded by the EU, aims to develop BIM-education to ensure skilled workforce in future. Link to the BIM-ICE project

A person looking at a digital model of construction plan showing at the computer screen.
Picture 1. In a BIM model, information related to construction process is in digital form. Practices, terms and methods related to BIM models, modelling and data management are described in standards. (RAEng_Publications 2020)

Getting familiar with OpenBIM-standards

The first part of the training was organised in 17 February 2022 online. It gathered in total of 35 participants: 15 from LAB and 20 from St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. The lectures provided basic knowledge on OpenBIM standards and they were held by Ramboll Finland Oy.

Mr. Juha Hyvärinen from JHy Consulting started the lectures by opening the history and background of the BIM-standards. Initially, BuildingSMART International and its national chapters have made remarkable development work related to international BIM-standards. Today, we are having internationally implemented ISO standards (Hyvärinen 2022a). He continued with going through the structure and content of IFC (Industrial Foundation Classes) standards (Hyvärinen 2022a & 2022b).

An illustration of relationships between the key BIM-standards consisting of the following text boxes, mentioned from the top below: ISO 19650; BIM User; IDM, IDS and BCF; BIM software and bsDD; MVD; IFC – ISO 16739 and IFD. ISO 19650 is related to Building information Management (framework). BIM User, IDM, IDS and BFC are related to Building information Modelling (process) and MVD, IFC – ISO 16739 and IFD are related to Building information Model (data).
Picture 2. Juha Hyvärinen illustrated the relationships between the key BIM-standards in his lectures (Picture: Juha Hyvärinen)

After IFC-part, Mr. Sakari Kiito from Ramboll told about the MVD (Model View Definition), IDM (Information Delivery Manual) and BCF (BIM Collaboration format) and how they are part of OpenBIM standards (Kiito 2022).

The second part introduced ISO19650

Ms. Johanna Jalas from Ramboll told about the ISO19650 standard in the second part in 10 March 2022. The ISO19650 is a standard series for managing information over the whole life cycle, providing a framework for other standards (Jalas 2022).

Jalas also told about the standards process in general. Standardization means the development of the best practices and solutions, the common methods, procedures and requirements. Standards always have the same structure. She advised to start with terms and definitions and take a glance to annexes, before the main core of the standard. (Jalas 2022.)

When talking about the international standards in Finnish context, only the part 1 of ISO19650 is translated in Finnish (Jalas 2022). It was discussed that the Finnish national BIM requirements should be updated and be based on this translated international standard. There is a long way before companies in Finland start to certify their processes according to international BIM-standards.

In the end of the training, it was emphasised that from the university of applied sciences’ point of view, understanding of the BIM-standards and the phase of development is essential both in education and in RDI. As many construction projects are international, at least general knowledge of good information management is needed by the future professionals.


Eliisa Punttila is working as an RDI Specialist in the LAB University of Applied Sciences and she is a project manager of the BIM-ICE project.


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