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Gravity Racer at Vanajanlinna- STANCE 2014

August at STANCE means that our school term starts, and it also means the annual trip to Vanajanlinna for the sports car show event, presented by Suomen Urheiluautoilijat. Always a great gathering of superb collectors cars, at a wonderful countryside hotel venue, anyone who’s a fan of cars will enjoy this show as much as we do. In 2014 STANCE were invited to unveil a project our students had spent many years working towards, our Gravity Racer. In 2015 we are visiting more informally (maybe you’ll see us there) but I thought I would remind you all about the show, and publish some images regarding our Gravity Racer, or Soap Box car as they also known. A huge amount of work was put into this car, completed in 2014 by our first Vehicle Design graduates (2015 graduating class), with help from Lappeenranta University of Technology, and our own Fashion Design students for their expert fabric knowledge.Gravity Racer Vanajanlinnassa 1

Studio shots of the design show the attention to detail of our students work. The process of creating the vehicle was lengthy and experimental. It is entirely custom made using a welded steel tubular chassis with cotton fabric fitted and stretched over the top. Check the gallery for more images.